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Rekrutmen Manager - Security British American Tobacco. British American Tobacco sedang memerlukan calon karyawan untuk mengisi posisi sebagai Manager - Security. British American Tobacco menentukan persyaratan, ketentuan dan spesifikasi pekerjaan sebagai Manager - Security yang akan ditempatkan di Jakarta

Penerimaan Manager - Security British American Tobacco Jakarta September 2019

Berikut ini adalah persyaratan yang harus penuhi untuk memenuhi Manager - Security British American Tobacco Jakarta yang dibuka pada bulan September 2019 ini:

is all about freedom of choice — whether it’s our people or our products. Combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, it’s what’s driven our phenomenal success. We started trading tobacco over a hundred years ago. Today, we’re a multibillion dollar company with more than 200 brands in our portfolio. With robust positions in each of our regional markets, our future looks equally bright too. There’s no doubt our industry is controversial — we’re the first to admit that

But rest assured, we take a responsible approach to our trade. In our market, we observe every law and regulation regarding tobacco (in many cases going further through our own voluntary code).

Principal Accountabilities:

1. Operational/Professional/Business

Manage and execute the operational country security strategy with associated action plans including business continuity and crisis management, information security, asset and personnel protection within TM&D.

Continuously review, implement and maintain effective security policies, procedures and practices to ensure the security and protection of company staff, assets, information and business activities in line with Bentoel Security Policies (as per control navigator), commensurate with the prevailing security environment.

Ensure Security Risk Management process are applied at all Bentoel sites and follows up on action plans and implementation of agreed security mitigating measures.

Ensures that the correct risk management processes are maintained in TM&D operations. Organizes risk management meetings on as required basis (at least once every quarter) for RSS team, review and update the risk register. Ensures that changes in business environment and business model are highlighted and risks to the business are assessed accordingly.

Provide timely advice based on assessment of security risks and threats to support business decisions.

Maintain close liaison with TM&D Leadership Team and remain closely integrated with Trade staff on all security and business continuity related matters.

Develop, coordinate and implement security alignment with TM&D business objectives. Identify significant risks, design and implement processes and policies to prevent and reduce losses to company resources, revenue and reputation.

Provide security related technical advice to new projects or other business initiatives in the domain of Trade.

Assess, evaluate, plan and arrange third party security services. Review, manage and monitor the effectiveness of contracted/out sourced security services/resources.

Coordinate with Security Operations Manager to identify potential threats to the primary supply chain, as related to planning, and recommend security solutions to Head of Planning.

Build an effective internal and external intelligence network for gathering of information related to all security risks, to be able to advise TM&D Leadership Team on all security issues.

Maintain close contact/ liaison with other security professionals from international companies and local NGOs.

Drive local security policy and ensure that security procedures within TM&D are in line with Bentoel security policies and Global Best Practices.

Conduct/supervise preliminary enquiries, investigations and local surveys/reviews/audits of security incidents/breaches with a view to determining facts, identifying weaknesses, drawing appropriate and supportable conclusions and making recommendations to prevent recurrence.

In consultation with the Head of Security, Develop and implement Security Awareness Programmes for all employees and where appropriate valued business partners, to ensure full cross-functional commitment to security policies, procedures and strategies through communication, education and evaluation of initiatives.

  • Management

  • Maintain and develop synergies with other functions at all levels to assist in the achievement of business objectives.

Maintain effective liaison with relevant external stakeholders especially law enforcement agencies/ intelligence organizations and other government agencies to obtain practical and material assistance for the business.

Maintain an in-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art security equipments, standards and technology, encompassing in market security products. Recommend management system solutions on specific security concerns identified through customer requests and security audits.

Coordinate planning and facilitate management of local Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Recovery programs for the areas of his concern.

Identify and coordinate the management of resources for the attainment of Bentoel’s security objectives.

Ensure that service providers adhere to contractual obligations and provide the highest quality of security services to the company.

Ensure that periodical reports i.e. security monthly reviews, incident reports, SRM risk and vulnerability assessments with briefing packs are submitted in time and in line with company policies.

Produce periodic reports, on:

  • Current local security situation, including terrorism and criminality.
  • General security threats to company personnel, assets, reputation, information and business operations and changes to the threat scenario as soon as these occur.
  • Cost effective, timely and appropriate measures to counter security threats.
  • Develop close relationships with local law enforcement, security, intelligence agencies and private sector counterparts for obtaining practical and material assistance for mitigating security risks to the business.
  • Develop synergy with other functions for alignment and integration with business at all levels to enable business excellence.
  • Develop and maintain close liaison with Malang Security Team and Security Operations Manager for support and guidance.
  • Researches and selects vendors to develop technical solutions for site security needs and acts as lead advisor to Ops security manager on all Supply Chain security and risk management related matters.

Additional Information:

  • Context / Environment:

PT Bentoel Internasional Investama operates in a multifaceted and complex security environment. The security canvas is complex and ill-defined, and warrants continuous monitoring and prompt and intricate responses. The most pressing threats to business are by products of an environment where corruption, sectarian and criminal violence and natural disasters pervade, notably:

§ Police and security forces remain hard-pressed to control religious-political extremists, lawlessness, local unrest and militant groups.

§ Periodic outbursts of ethnically and religiously driven violence, often exacerbated by underworld turf wars which frequently occur.

§ Fuelled by unemployment, corruption and an ineffective and sluggish judicial system, the law and order situation in the country continues to be of concern. Armed robberies, assaults, car and mobile thefts/snatchings and criminality in general have shown an increase.

A high degree of liaison with Government organization is required to ensure that the security environment is correctly interpreted, risks correctly identified and counter measures promptly put into effect to offset the negative impact of a disruptive contingency.

  • Knowledge, Skills & Experience:


  • Ability to identify and address key security issues to support strategic business needs.
  • A high level of communications skill with ability to explain and defend difficult issues with respect to key decisions/ complex concepts.
  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment; lead and harness assistance of others.
  • Display sound and matured judgement/ decision-making ability: Ability to make swift, balanced decisions in emergencies or when rapid response is required.
  • Be capable of cultivating and mobilising resources to obtain and collate detail on all threats or potential security threats to the Company.
  • An ability to conduct site, building & activity Risk & Threat assessments to a high standard.
  • Be capable of driving the BCP across TM&D Functions; ensures that BCPs are tested regularly and learning communicated and implemented.

Work Experience

10 to 15 years of progressive experience in security with extensive command or leadership experience and proven crisis management capabilities. Police or military service potentially an asset.

  • Key Success Factors:
  • Able to carry out relevant risk assessment(s) of the potential threats to personnel, assets, information, installations and business operations, and take appropriate security/ mitigation measures including the development of procedures and plans.
  • Establish effective networking to support TM&D functions, to achieve business objectives i.e. develop integrated security management.
  • Planning and execution of dynamic contingency plans to counter crises facing the Company.
  • Maintenance of effective liaison with relevant government authorities especially Law Enforcement Agencies and industry related Security Managers.
  • Conduct investigations including those involving allegations of fraud, whenever required
  • Ensure that the Security Function operates within agreed budgets and in a cost effective way.


Professional Service Providers to ensure that the performance of the contracted guard force / consultants / contractors is effectively monitored and that their performance is of high standard in line with contractual obligations and service level agreements.

  • Government Officials, Law Enforcement agencies, Intelligence Agencies, Armed Forces etc, to obtain essential support for the business.
  • Distributors and other Valued Business Partners to provide security advice and obtain support for business.
  • The role is an integral element of Bentoel Security team from which comprehensive support can be derived at all times.

V. Innovation Results

Continually seek opportunities for innovation and increase efficiency of security system, processes and measures.

Develop and implement Security Awareness Programmes for all employees and where appropriate valued business partners, to ensure full cross-functional commitment to security policies, procedures and strategies through communication, education and evaluation of initiatives

Purpose Statement:

In coordination with the Functional Stakeholders, develop and implement proactive and efficient measures to mitigate identified risks to BAT sites and secondary Supply Chain whilst providing a comprehensive security service of the highest quality, ensuring that threats to company personnel, assets and business operations are properly identified, evaluated and countered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Provide professional and dynamic support to Trade and Marketing Functions in planning, developing and executing business continuity plans, their testing and ensuring that lessons learnt are incorporated and communicated to all concerned.

If you’re passionate and ambitious, rapid career progression is a reality here. And because we’re such a large firm (we employ more than 55,000 people worldwide), there are plenty of exciting opportunities for you to develop a truly extraordinary career.

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