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Judul Loker : Customer Service Technician 2 Perusahaan : FORTIS BC Lokasi : Indonesia Tanggal : 5 bulan yang lalu

Pendaftaran Customer Service Technician 2 FORTIS BC. FORTIS BC kembali membutuhkan calon karyawan untuk mengisi posisi sebagai Customer Service Technician 2. FORTIS BC menentukan persyaratan, ketentuan dan spesifikasi pekerjaan sebagai Customer Service Technician 2 yang akan ditempatkan di Indonesia

Penerimaan Customer Service Technician 2 FORTIS BC Indonesia Januari 2019

Berikut ini adalah ketentuan yang harus kalian penuhi untuk mendaftar Customer Service Technician 2 FORTIS BC Indonesia yang dibuka pada 5 bulan yang lalu ini:

  • Must be competent in a variety of skilled functions related to public safety, consumer relations and the welfare of company property.
  • his shall include troubleshooting to a wide range of gas burning equipment and associated control media as required to identify safety issues and to make safe the appliance.
  • Must exercise good judgment, under general terms of reference, in carrying out remedial action and/or suspending service with proper follow-up action under codes and other requirements.
  • Must construct and test minor piping installations not requiring a gas fitter’s license, or assist a Customer Service Technician 1.
  • Must carry out follow-up maintenance programs. This shall include service to gas burning equipment and associated control media.
  • A Customer Service Technician 2 shall be required to provide repair and adjustment service to all equipment indigenous to the residential and commercial field to the maximum input allowed under the Grade B or lesser certificate/license they hold as authorized by the BC Safety Authority to any customer’s equipment with a flame guard safety such as thermocouple, thermobulb or bimetal element.
  • Shall install and field-maintain gas measurement and pressure regulations equipment including perform PFM and other work to and including all meter sets that utilize a single run configuration, with or without a bypass (excluding instrument and turbine meter sets).
  • Shall carry out a variety of tests related to gas utilization involving the testing for and measurement of O2, CO, CO2 and other products of combustion and take such remedial action as indicated.
  • Shall investigate, locate and categorize gas leakage on an emergency basis on either the consumers’ premises or the Company’s system and take all necessary action to protect the public and eliminate hazard.
  • Shall carry out a variety of other duties as required to assist other operational areas such as system pressure surveys, field work for Gas Supply Department and carry out surveys. Assist a Customer Service Technician 1 or System Operations Technician.
  • Shall carry out surveys, installations and maintenance of all components of distribution system and gas burning equipment at company locations involved in the distribution of natural and other gases.
  • Shall handle emergency incidents such as fires, explosions, asphyxiations, unplanned outages and in so doing, take certain initiatives and also cooperate with fire, police and other authorities and other Company groups.
  • Shall be responsible for the operation of portable L.N.G. vaporization equipment including: purging operations, liquid transfer, putting on and off line in a safe and efficient manner and for the overhaul of all mechanical components on such equipment.
  • Shall install house-lines, recesses, relief stacks, or vent lines for any volume or delivery pressure except that actual turn-on will be done by a System Operations Technician where loads or pressures listed in this job description are exceeded.
  • They will be expected to operate a variety of tools and equipment associated with delivery of the above.
  • In regard to consumer relations, shall offer current and potential customers technical and promotional advice on such matters as space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, and the general heating and insulation requirements of their residence. Shall be conversant with the relative advantages of natural gas for these uses.

  • Conduct work in a manner that prevents injuries and incidents, and contributes to FortisBC’s Target Zero Mission. Maintain knowledge and understanding of safety policies, practices and procedures. Lead by example by putting safety first at all times.

  • Hold a Provincial Gasfitter’s License Utility Grade
  • The CST 2 must hold a Provincial Gasfitter’s License Utility Grade and will be required to obtain their Provincial Gasfitter’s License Grade B within 12 months of qualifying to write for it (i.e. holding a Provincial Gasfitter’s License Utility Grade for 2 years). Failure to obtain the Provincial Gas Fitter's License Grade B within this 12 month period shall result in the employee being returned to his previously-held classification.
  • The Customer Service Technician 2 will automatically be promoted to Customer Service Technician 1 upon attaining the Provincial Gas Fitter's License Grade B and upon completion of a twelve month period of probation as a Customer Service Technician 2.
  • Demonstrated safe work habits and adherence to safety regulations and practices on a sustained basis.
  • A valid Class 5 Driver’s License and safe driving record.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of theory and operation of material and equipment relating to gas distribution work.
  • Demonstrated or displayed in evaluation tests, the ability to exercise judgement; act on own initiative with a sense of responsibility; work independently; maintain a high standard of performance; good mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of power operated and hand tools, equipment and instruments.
  • Ability to prepare summaries, reports, and complex work orders, etc. quickly and accurately.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 ½ years technical experience in the gas industry and be able to pass a related Company exam.
  • Must be fully competent in all aspects of distribution operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to learn, understand, and administer the Distribution Operation Emergency Response process.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise judgement, act on own initiative resulting in a high level of quality of performance.
  • May also be required to provide technical direction or training.
  • •Demonstrated proficient computer skills; for Outlook and Pipeline navigation. • General good health, adequate physical strength and agility, a good sense of smell

Additional Information
  • Ability to effectively “trouble shoot” and locate leaks;
  • absorb, follow and retain verbal and written instruction;
  • possess a thorough knowledge of theory and operation of all material and equipment relating to customer services;
  • be proficient in the use of tools and testing equipment; communicate effectively with radio equipment/Syclo,
  • be knowledgeable about residential heating systems, furnaces and natural gas appliances, Gas Code B 149.1;
  • Work is often in enclosed or tight spaces;
  • Considerable lifting, bending and kneeling;
  • Shift work may be required.;
  • Standby is required as per the provisions set out in the IBEW Collective Agreement.
  • NOT afraid of heights.

These positions will be based out of North Vancouver and Burnaby.

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